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  1. Spell/Ritual Writing Deck
  2. a spell starter
  3. What was your first spell?
  4. Centering and Grounding~
  5. Shielding~
  6. A Cleansing Ritual Bath~
  7. Ritual Etiquette~
  8. Air Meditation and Writing an Invocation to Air~
  9. Tools of Air and Energy of Air~
  10. Tools of Fire and Energy of Fire~
  11. Fire Meditation and Writing an Invocation to Fire~
  12. Fire Alchemy~
  13. Water Meditation and Writing an Invocation to Water~
  14. Tools and Engeries of Water and Honoring Her~
  15. Earth Meditation and Writing an Invocation to Earth~
  16. Tools and Energies of Earth and Honoring Her~
  17. Spirit Meditation and Writing an Invocation to Her~
  18. Tools and Energies of Spirit (Akasha)
  19. Wiccan Deities: Homage to the Lord and Lady
  20. Luna: Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Enchantress~
  21. Very Basic Mysteries that you learn from the Lady and Lord~
  22. Who Are All the Other Gods and Goddesses?
  23. Summon, Stir, Call, Request or Invite--Which Is Right?
  24. The Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air (And Spirit)
  25. Dragons~
  26. The Winds and Weather Magick~
  27. The Elementals~
  28. Tree Spirits~
  29. Deities~
  30. Ancestors~
  31. Spirit Guides~
  32. Spirit Animals~
  33. Familiars~
  34. Low Magick and Forms of Low Magick~
  35. Using Spellcrafting~
  36. An Easy Protection Spell, Using Essential Oils~
  37. Dragon Magick Protection Spell~
  38. Navel Meditation~
  39. Inner Beauty Spell~
  40. Prayer to the Virgin Goddess~
  41. An Ocean Meditation--Waves of Healing~
  42. Words of Power; Witchcraft Blessing--by Marion Weinstein
  43. Basic Words of Power, "Scientific" Style
  44. Working Words of Power on Behalf of Anaother Person~
  45. Words of Power; For the Release of Negatives~
  46. Words of Power For a Car~
  47. Words of Power For a Love Relationship~
  48. Words of Power For a Job~
  49. Words of Power For an Exchange or Services~
  50. Words of Power For Money and Abundance~
  51. An Egyptian Spiritual Call--Invocation and Exercise~
  52. Full Moon Elemental Spell~
  53. Setting up a Medicine Wheel on Your Property & How to use the Wheel ~
  54. Isis Prayer or Invocation~
  55. Power of Isis for Restorative Love (Invocation)
  56. Symbols of Isis~
  57. A Spell to Honor Isis~
  58. Feast Day of the Queen of Heaven Spell~
  59. Feasts of Isis~
  60. A Spell to Nuit, to Sleep Well~
  61. A Ward Agaist Set Spell~
  62. Isis Healing Ritual Spell~
  63. Nephthys Moon Meditation~
  64. Moon Water Spell for a Peaceful Home~
  65. Fried Gree Tomatoes Spell~
  66. Change Yourself Spell~
  67. Crone Power Spell~
  68. Crone Power Spell~
  69. Cauldron of Care Spell
  70. Goddess of Justice Spell~
  71. Bath Magic: Laughter Spell~
  72. Pleasure of Ishtar Spell~
  73. Let Sekhmet Roar Spell~
  74. Holy Day of Osiris Spell~
  75. Magickal Firewood Spell~
  76. Feline Blessing~
  77. Book of Shadow Blessing~
  78. A Cat Petting Meditation Spell~
  79. Human-Rights Prayer~
  80. Motivation Ritual & Spell Working~
  81. Dedication Day Spell~
  82. Magic at Your Fingertips~
  83. Egyptian Prosperity Magick for Debt Control~
  84. Workable Budget Spell (Egyptian)~
  85. (Egyptian Spell) Surviving Layoffs~
  86. (Egyptian Spell) Finding Alternative Income to Weather the Financial Storm~
  87. (Egyptian Spell) Choosing an Attorney for financial problems~
  88. (Egyptian Spell) Helping with Bankruptcy~
  89. (Egyptian Emergency Spell) to Help Forstall Foreclosure~
  90. Egyptian Prosperity Spells For Financial Empowerment~
  91. (Egyptian Spell) Change of Luck~
  92. (Egyptian Spell) New Venture~
  93. (Egyptian Spell) Success at Last~
  94. An Anointing Rite (Isis)~
  95. Making Natron Water for Isis~
  96. Baths for Purification to Isis~
  97. A Meditation (Visualization) Going to the Temple of Isis~
  98. Prayer for Guidance from Anupu to Going to the Temple of Isis~
  99. Creating Your Own Temple~
  100. Dedicating a Shrine or Altar to Isis~
  101. Shrine Dedication to Isis~
  102. (Egyptian) Garbing For the Goddess at the Temples~
  103. (Egyptian) Sacred Clothing and Making a Simple Robe for Males and Females~
  104. The Thet or Knot of Isis as an Amulet~
  105. Meditation on the Knot of Isis~
  106. (Egyptian)History & Making a Lotus Wand (Air)
  107. (Egyptian) The Ueb (Set-headed) Staff~
  108. (Egyptian) The History of the Vulture Amulet and Making the Amulet~
  109. The Papyrus Sceptre~
  110. Setting Up Your Temples of Light~
  111. Increase Energy and Affirmations to Reprogram Self-Talk~
  112. Boost Your Brain Power Summary and Affirmations ~