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  1. Birth Of The Goddess
  2. The Ardaynes
  3. Sacred Symbols
  4. Origins of the Pentagram
  5. Magickal Tools
  6. The Spoken Word/Affirmations As a Magickal Tool~
  7. hant to Overcome Obstacles
  8. Litha Chant
  9. The Witches' Mill (spoken chant)~
  10. We All Come from the Goddess chant~
  11. Earth My Body chant~
  12. Lughnassadh (Lammass) Chant~
  13. Another chant for Lughnassadh~
  14. Chant: "Air I Am"
  15. Chant: Silver Shining Wheel"
  16. Chant: "Snake Woman" by Starhawk
  17. Chant: "Born of Water"
  18. Chant: "We Are The Flow" by Shekhinah Mountainwater
  19. Chant: "Return to the Mother" by Judy Grahn and the Wind Hags
  20. Chant: Water and Stone"
  21. Chant: Unknown Blesings (Unitarian Universalist Chant)
  22. Another chant for Mabon~
  23. Summer Prosperity Spell
  24. Chant: "Goddess Melody"
  25. Chant: "The Beginning of the Earth"
  26. Chant: "Touching Her Deep"
  27. Chant: "Remember"
  28. Chant: "Mother Moon"
  29. Chant: "Remember" and parts of God and Goddess as a whole ritual chanting~
  30. Chant: "I am the Mountain"
  31. Chants: For Samhain
  32. Soul Cakes for Samhain - Lore and Recipe
  33. Honoring the Epagomenal Days at July's Full Moon~
  34. Praise Isis Spell~
  35. Isis Crystal Ball Divination~
  36. Protection of Isis Spell~
  37. Hathor Feast Day Spell or Ritual~
  38. Moon of Hecate Spell~
  39. Chaos of Set Spell~
  40. Triple Goddess Womanhood Spell as part of a Ritual~
  41. Keep Love Alive Spell~
  42. Resolution Spell~
  43. Isis Spell for a Long and Healthy Life~
  44. Ma'at Justice Spell~
  45. Spell for Healing (using a Crystal Ball)~
  46. Hecate's Protection Spell~
  47. Hecate's Day~
  48. Nephthys's Home Energy Spell~
  49. Hatshepsut's Birthday~
  50. Feast of Sekhmet~
  51. Honoring Persephone~
  52. Cultivating Love with a Pendulum~
  53. Full Moon Magic Spell~
  54. Good Marriage Spell~
  55. Day of Thoth Spell~
  56. Invocation to the Crone Spell~
  57. Psychic Cleansing Spell~
  58. Yule (Winter Solstice) Seal the Sun Spell~
  59. A Ritual (Spellworking) to Isis~
  60. A Candlelight Divination and Spellworking~
  61. A Rah Ra Ritual (Spellworking)~
  62. Rose Soul Mate Spell~
  63. Isis Rite to Remve Ovarian Cysts~
  64. Spell to Shine Bright~
  65. Magickal Activism~
  66. Embracing Your Shadow Exercise Spell/Activity~
  67. Financial Health Spell Workings~
  68. Making A Sacred Chest of Rebirth~
  69. Full Moon--Invoking Hecate Spell~
  70. Rebirth Spell~
  71. Honoring the Three Fates Spell~
  72. Weight-Loss Water Empowerment Spell~
  73. To Release Justice to the Gods Spell~
  74. Chants: For Yule--Chant to Awaken the Sun~
  75. Chant: For Yule, The Holly King~
  76. Chant: Imbolc
  77. Chant: For Imbolc
  78. Chant for Ostara: Fur and Feathers by Kenny Klein & Tsipora~
  79. Ostara Chant: The Earth is our Mother~
  80. Early Morning Elements Devotional~
  81. (Egyptian) The Snake's Head; a funerary amulet~
  82. The Ankh~
  83. (Egyptian) Colors Associated with Isis~
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