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  1. Crystal Correspondences
  2. Absorbing crystal colours
  3. Numerical Vibrations of Crystals~
  4. Master Numbers of Crystals~
  5. Acquiring/Finding Crystals~
  6. Dedication of a New Crystal~
  7. Cleansing Crystals~
  8. Awakening Crystals
  9. Charging Crystals~
  10. Pre-Programing Crystals~
  11. Programing Crystals~
  12. Practical Applications: Meditation with Crystals
  13. Practical Applications: Manifestation and Crystals & Protection with Crystals~
  14. Gemstone and Crystal Elixirs/Energizing Liquids
  15. The Angovar Elixir~
  16. Practical Applications of Minerals in Treating Food~
  17. Practical Applications of Minerals in Treating Plants~
  18. Practical Applications of Minerals in Treating the Aura~
  19. Practical Applications of Minerals in Treating the Automobile~
  20. Practical Application of Rose Quartz and Honey in treating Burns
  21. Some Definitions That Will Assist In Crystal Healings(Part 1)~
  22. Some Definitions That Will Assist In Crystal Healings(Part 2)~
  23. Base or Root Chakra with Crystal Healings~
  24. Sacral Chakra and Crystal Healings~
  25. Solar Plexus Chakra with Crystal Healings~
  26. Heart Chakra with Crystal Healings~
  27. Throat Chakra with Crystal Healings~
  28. Third-Eye Chakra with Crystal Healings~
  29. Crown Chakra with Crystal Healings~
  30. Some More Information with Chakras and Crystal Healings~
  31. Cloud bursting/weather control~
  32. Fast and Easy Mundane Grounding Techniques with Crystals~
  33. Stones for Gods and Goddesses of Egypt
  34. Stones For The Weekdays
  35. Stones For The Thirteen Moon Months~
  36. Stones by The Element~
  37. Stones by MONTH~
  38. Stones by PLANET~
  39. Stones by ZODIAC SIGN~
  40. Stones by USE~
  41. Making a Healing Stone Necklace~
  42. Some Healing Techniques using Clear Quartz Crystals~
  43. An American Indian Method of Healing with Crystal--You as the Healer~
  44. Seer Stone Quartz~
  45. Seer Stone Quartz~
  46. Activation (Left) Quartz Crystal~
  47. Activation (Right) Quartz Crystal~
  48. Aperture Quartz Crystal~
  49. Rose Quartz Meditation~
  50. Consecrating a Magickal Moonstone Spell~
  51. Malachite for Protection~
  52. Black Obsidian Psychic Shield~
  53. Friendship Stones (Rose Quartz) Spell~
  54. Citrine Money Spell~
  55. Removing Workplace Negativity with Carnelian~
  56. Floral and Crystal Combinations for Specific Spell Workings~
  57. A Twist to Magickal May Baskets~
  58. Affirmation for Self-Love~
  59. Lepidolite~
  60. Red Jasper~
  61. Talking Crystals
  62. Metaphysical Healing Stone: Turquoise