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  1. New gardener
  2. Smudging
  3. Elemental Herbal Correspondences
  4. Herb & Spice correspondences
  5. Magickal properties of trees & shrubs
  6. Honey~
  7. PEOPLE PASTE (Making of)
  8. Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum anuum) Red pepper
  9. Making a Travel Kit of Herbs~
  10. Herbs of Egypt for Mummification~
  11. High John The Conqueror (Poisonous) and Spell Working
  12. Saint Joan's Wort & To Make own St. Joan's Wort Oil~
  13. Rose (Rosa spp.)
  14. Making A Simple Rose Water~
  15. Herbs of Water~
  16. Making Horehound Cough Drops~
  17. Yarrow~
  18. Making Yarrow Tincture for Clear Skin~
  19. To Moisturize, Heal and Soothe with an Olive Oil Mask~
  20. Working Magick with Herbs and Botanicals~
  21. Magickal Herbs and Botanicals~
  22. Some Herbs/Botanicals and Their Magickal Properties~
  23. Prosperity Oil Spell~
  24. Making A Solar Spell Bag~
  25. Teas and Crystals~
  26. Scrying Brew~
  27. Peace Elixir with Blue Morning Glory and an Aquamarine Stone~
  28. Egyptian: The Magickal Blue Lotus~
  29. Egyptian: Blue Lotus Medicine, Ancient and Modern~
  30. Blue Lotus Spellwork~