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Removing Workplace Negativity with Carnelian~

Before the workweek starts back up, let us remove any negativity and envy others may be directing toward you at your job. This crystal spell taps into the energies of the Sun and the waning Moon ans uses the crystal carnelian. A beautiful, orange-red, and inexpensive tumbled stone, carnelian encourages protection, passion, and healing (and it is rumored to remove jealousy and hatred). Hold the tumbled stone in your hand and repeat the spell verse three times. Afterward, slip the enchanted stone in your pocket--keep it close to you until the New Moon.

The carnelian is linked with the element of fire,

Surround me with your healing strength and grant my desire.

Ward me against anger, envy, and spite,

Let this work at work turn out just right.

By the powers of the Earth and Sun,

As I will it, so shall it be done.

Aloni StarWolf
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Wink Removing negativity with Carnelian

This little spell looks interesting. It is fairly large to be carried out regardless of whether one may have little time or not.

It might be nice to take this in the evening, before I go to bed. Then I can remove all the old negative energies for that day, and i will be cleaned and new the morning after

Thanks for the nice tip

Hugs Solita !

Blessings from Solita!

Third degree Dedicant
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I'm definitely going to try this spell - very interesting. I recently put a Carnelian crystal at my front door as I was told by one of my guides that it would increase abundance to my house & it most certainly did.

Thank you for sharing this

Dawa Willow
Ist Degree Dedicant
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Thank you StarWolf! This is exactly the spell I need to help me through this week. Many blessings, RavenStorm
She had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie and the spirit of a faery.

*first year dedicant
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