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Hello everbody

I'm Pathfinder,and this is my first post. I just enrolled to Sacred Mists as a level one initiate.
How is everyone doing?
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Merry Meet Pathfinder,

So glad to have you with us at the Mists. I look forward to running into you in the halls, chats and rituals

Student Mentor, Merry Meeter, Chakras Class Facilitator
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Hello Pathfinder! Welcome to Sacred Mists. You are finding your way around, I hope? We would love to meet you and have a chat; perhaps you will be able to attend one of the three weekly chat events at the Merry Mists Inn or the upcoming Samhain Sabbat ritual! Check the Announcement Board for events and times; if you are new to the chatrooms be sure and make sure you can get in ahead of time, and if you have any problem contact student services or your mentor, or you are welcome to give me a holler! Blessed be and enjoy your journey here at Sacred Mists. Love and light from Waterdragon WD xoxo
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Hi Pathfinder! I'm doing quite well, hope you are too! I'm still a relatively new member but have experienced quite a few different things within the college. I think you will find a lot of support and information here The community is very receptive and open and I've enjoyed it so much. Here's to you! Looking forward to seeing you around.
Salann na Talmhainn
"Salt of the Earth"
Merry meet & Merry part,
Namaste, from the heart.

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