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How would you handle this reading?

I did a reading for a lady today. We'll call her Mary Jane. She wanted to know what was goiing on with her boyfriend, if he was still going to propose, what his actions were going to be and when. Unfortunately, what I was getting was not about him. It was about her. A good number of the cards were reversed. Halfway through the reading she begins to berate and yelling at me about how I'm conducting the reading stating she readings tarot as well and she can read a rider waite deck (I wasn't using that deck. I was using Mystic Dreamer Tarot.)

She was very rude, telling me that I was connecting to the wrong energy because the reading had too many reversed cards, etc. I started crying after the phone call ended. I'm just starting to read professionally. It really makes me want to quit.

How would you handle it?
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Merry Meet!

I am not a Tarot reader, but I know a little about having your gifts scorned or rejected.

It can feel very hard, I'm sure, to receive what can be perceived as a "negative" reading from any form of divination. There is always the instinct to "shoot the messenger", because you happen to be the closest one to hand. I guess that prophets of whatever tradition need to get used to negative feelings being projected onto them.

Have confidence, my dear. If your gift is offered in love then that is all you need.

In light and love and laughter,

"love is its own reward"

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Merry Meet

I would say two things to you.

First, please understand that at times people get upset when they do not hear what they want to hear and then can over react. That is not a reflection of you. An outward expression of that kind is an inner self reflection coming forth. It may be possible she tried to read and got similar results which angered her. You never know.

The second thing is this. CONTINUE! never let another person's negative energy stop you from doing anything that you want to do. You are a Magickal being in a mundane world. Find your inner self and ground. Let go of the energy she projected on to you. That is hers and you should not carry it.

Many Blessings of the Fae to you


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Actually, what happened to you makes perfect sense to me! When someone asks me for that kind of reading, I tell them that I believe it is unethical for me to read for someone besides the seeker, the person sitting in front of me asking questions. I tell them I can offer what they need to know about the relationship, how they should strive to react to what the other person does, what they need to keep in mind as far as their own thoughts, words and deeds going forward. I tell them I can't read for their boyfriend, unless that boyfriend was sitting there asking me for the reading as well.

What your cards did was answer her questions but from her vantage point, not her boyfriend's vantage point. It seems your cards are guiding you well.

You will get people who disagree with your readings. This could be because they don't want to see what you are telling them, or it could be because there are factors they did not tell you, or it could even be that you are having an "off" day. We are all human, not perfect. I often throw a clarification card or two if it seems as if the spread is just not working. Sometimes that will allow us to move in the right direction. But even if the entire reading seems to be totally wrong at the moment, I have found that sometimes after a week, a day, or even a few hours, the reading begins to make sense. And there have been times when I've just packed up my cards for now, with the intention of readdressing the reading later.

Don't give up. We are all students, all learning as we go.


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Great response, Raushanna!
Ethics are very important when reading, it's not wise to ever try and tap into energy of someone who hasn't given consent and you will find that if you try to, the reading will not be accurate. You may not have intentionally done so, but the phrasing of the question really does play a huge factor for the reading.

When one reads for the general public, they are opening themselves to both praise and critique. It's not just a simple service that is offered, but the sharing of really does sting when negative feedback is given but it's important not to take that personally. Readings are not always sunshine and rainbows - they reflect life (which is often a wild roller coaster ride with many ups and downs). If one consults any type of divination tool or service, they must be open to any considerations given.
It's also important to remind any seekers that a reading is not an absolute, there is no guaranteed outcome. A reading can only offer suggestions, not truths. Only free will and choices and decisions made can determine what will or will not occur in one's life....

I tend not to read reversals myself because most times, the card is reversed because it was placed back into the deck that way. For me, it depends on how the cards were pulled. If it was a simple shuffle and cut, I don't read it as reversed.
If the card (s) "popped" out while shuffling and they are reversed, I will read it as such.
If the seeker chose to mix up the cards by smearing them around on a table and then pulling, I will read reversals. Though this is a messy way to select cards, it is often very accurate.
Another factor to consider is how you interpret reversals...
Most often, they carry the same message of the card in upright position but to a lesser degree. Take the 7 of Pentacles, for example...In upright position, it may indicate a good harvest coming. Reversed doesn't necessarily mean that abundance and rewards are not coming, just that they may not be as substantial as one had hoped (more work may need to be done).

Much Love!

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I've had a similar experience; a very close friend at the time had been fully supporting my efforts with Tarot and eventually asked for a reading on his new relationship. He wanted to know if he was laying the groundwork for a healthy relationship because his previous one had been abusive.
I shuffled, he picked, and the results said it could be a healthy relationship BUT he would have to be honest with her about some of his hang ups (she wanted an open relationship and he was a very monogamous person) and that each step should be taken slowly. He didn't like it at all; he was planning to move to another state to live with her and her girlfriend and the reading wasn't giving him the answers he wanted.
He told me I shuffle wrong, maintain my cards wrong, that I'd never been accurate in the first place most times (which we both knew was a lie), and I told him he didn't have to agree with the reading - it was his life and his choices and only he knew what he could handle. He was so angry about the outcome of the reading that he accused me of being jealous because I was an old married prude with no sexual chemistry in my relationship. I did manage to keep my cool until he left but then I balled my eyes out; my husband on the other hand did not keep his cool very well after coming home to find me still sobbing over my cards.

Ok so long story over - I still read, I even read for him again several months after that (though we have parted ways now). I'm taking the class here to continue to improve. It's ok to cry it out sometimes and then let it go. Her reaction was more about her not getting what she wanted; not unlike if someone were to try to blame you because it began raining when they wanted sunshine. You're the reader, not the creator of the message read, and what you do is a gift.
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hugggggggggggggss sometimes I sense the response to my reading will be hostile, even before I get going with it, you have to do the best you can and try and help as many people as you can with your readings. Sometimes you are going to be off with your readings, not hit the mark for various reasons and this is all part of the territory of being a reader. Sometimes I think God/Goddess allows this so I do not get a big fat head lol This much I know, the more you practice doing readings, the better you are going to get, it is like exercising your psychic muscle lol There is no guarantee seekers will be open or receptive to your readings, so be it. I never charge for my readings, so if someone gets hostile with me, I tell them they got what they paid for :-)

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I have learned that you can't please everyone, so you have to just decide that if you're doing the right things and you are happy and are living with integrity, you are okay. I had some issues of a similar nature. I had a Tarot reading bring about the end of what I had considered a good friendship at the time. She asked me to do a reading for her and her boyfriend together and the whole thing was screaming that there was abuse in the relationship. Of course, it was accurate and the boyfriend freaked out and eventually managed to ensure that we had no more contact with each other.

After a long and painful relationship and break-up, she eventually got free of her situation and we discussed the reading, (about 10 years later, mind you).

The outcome had little to do with me and my gifts. Like it or not, even if your readings are dead-on, there are many people out there that don't want to hear the truth and need to come to those conclusions on their own time and in their own ways. Or they are still in denial and do not realize bad things are happening. Nobody wants a negative divination reading, ya know?

I agree that you should not quit! Even those negative readings happen for a reason and even if people get mad at first, it may sink in and you may help them, yet!



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