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Programing Crystals~

One of the things witches or Wiccans do when using crystals in magick or healing is to program the crystals. The easiest crystal to program is the crystal quartz crystal.

Programming is the process of instructing the energies of the crystal in the method in which to use its qualities of transformation, stability, and attunement. Precise directions are required, or the response will be less than that which is intended. (This precision in intent is beneficial training for those utilizing crystals--with the use of crystals, one may also become "crystal clear" in the use of personal energies.)

The act of holding a crystal and intending to use it for a specific purpose is the simplest form of programming (for healing or meditation crystals).

Another method, primarily relevant to the programming of thoughts, and universal energies which are inherent to the minerologic formation, involves the following:

* Formulate a precise phrase which actually describes
the nature of the programming (angelic/other-worldly
communication, harmony, balance, love, special healing
or protection for someone, etc.).

* Hold the crystal in the left hand (if left handed, hold the
crystal in the right hand), relax for several minutes,
initiate circular breathing, and center the consciousness.
Consciously align the personal conscious awareness
with the higher-self and/or other (pre-defined)
appropriated other-worldly beings.

* Ask for guidance, protection, and assistance in the
programming process. Open the center of consciousness
and allow receptivity to flow through to the inner being.

* Repeat the formulated phrase 20-30 times in succession
while visualizing and/or feeling the desired effect of the
program. (Be open to higher assistance during this

As the phrase is repeated, an energy field will build and
culminate in the energy pattern necessary to represent
the desired program.

* While maintaining full awareness of the energy field,
bring total awareness and consciousness to the area of
the third-eye or the heart chakra. Place the crystal in
front of the area of the third-eye or the heart chakra
and allow the self to feel the connection to it.

* Direct the energy field into the crystal for 30-60 seconds
and allow the program to be transferred to within the
crystal. Intuitive recognition will signal when the
transmittal is complete.

* Detach consciousness from the crystal and allow the
universal energies to act.

Source: Melody. Love Is In The Earth.

Aloni StarWolf
Third Degree Dedicant
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This information is profound in the realm of making orgonite! Waves of gratitude are pulsing from every inch of my soul! Thank you
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Thank you for taking this time to post this. I found it very easy to perform, and effective as well.
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