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A Testimonial from Anuria

Merry Meet Everyone!

I hope that all of you here in the Outer Circle are doing well and finding the information available useful. I wanted to take some time to write my testimonial here so that you get more personal vibes from those of us in the Inner Circle.

I grew up in a rather Lutheran environment, although my father claimed to be Catholic, he never actually went to church. I was forced to go through Sunday school, like many young ones, and be confirmed at my motherís church when I was 14. I had not been baptized as a baby, so that had to be done when I was 13. I must say, by that time, I already knew that Christianity was not the right path for me.

When I was 13, a few months before my Confirmation, I went to a local book store and picked up my first ďpaganĒ book. It was called Beltane: Springtime Rituals, Lore & Celebration by Raven Grimassi. I fell in love with the Craft from that moment on and it was very difficult for me to go through with my Confirmation, as I knew it wasnít my path.

Over the years, I found online sources for more information, as well as lots of books. At one point, I came across the Sacred Mists Online Shoppe. This was my first introduction to what Sacred Mists had to offer. In the beginning, it was purely a source for supplies and ritual tools. Then, one day, I noticed the Online Wiccan Degree Training Program. I debated this for months and months. By the time I decided to make the leap, it was 2007 and I had learned about as much from books as I possibly could.

I was with Sacred Mists for about 2 years, when I had to leave because of financial difficulties. I found that I was more focused on my lessons than being an active participant in the halls and in the path itself. I knew that my timing was wrong, but that, one day, I would return.

Then, in 2012, I decided that the time was right and that I was now in the right frame of mind to continue my path with sure feet and a steady heart. My dedication, this time, was not all on my lesson material, but also on my interaction and social standing in the Community.

It may be hard to understand before you really get involved with the school, but there is so much more to it than just the lessons. There is a steady and welcoming community of amazing people here. There are activities that are both fun and educational to participate in. There are chat rooms and fun events going on all the time. We have craft houses, like the houses in Harry Potter, that make taking part in monthly discussions a fun way to earn points for you house.

The possibilities are endless and when I left the Mists in 2009, I realized that I had missed out on the best parts of what this school has to offer: a like-minded community of people. How do I even begin to describe what this amazing place has done for me? I donít think that I truly can, as itís such a personal experience. You have to come see it and feel it for yourself.

Some of the people you become friends with in our virtual community, you may end up becoming friends with in the ďrealĒ world too. Some of the things that you learn and experience will strengthen your beliefs and help to solidify them in your daily life. Some of the projects will bless you beyond belief and some of the moments you have will bring tears of joy to your eyes.

Sacred Mists is not just Sacred in name, but in meaning as well. It truly is a place where you can be who you are and share what you need to with people who will not judge. I have grown in my life both spiritually and emotionally by being a part of this community. I am going on, for my second round, 4 years at this point and I have zero intention of ever leaving this wonderful place again. The people here are my family and this school is my sanctuary. I imagine that it becomes that way for many of us who feel a strong connection to Sacred Mists and the things that it represents.
Believe me when I say that itís worth at least a try if you are serious about your path within Paganism. Even just a spiritual side can be enough, if you are open, to attend this school. Try it and see for yourself. If you donít think itís for you, you can always opt out and no one will ever judge you for that. We each have our own paths that we must follow and many of those whose testimonies are already here, are no longer with us. Their paths, eventually, led them elsewhere. There is no shame in that and no one will ever treat your decision that way. We must follow our hearts to find the best path for our feet to follow.

I have been here for over three years and I am still on my first degree. I am making progress, but it is no longer my ultimate goal to speed through my lessons as quickly as I can. I donít want to miss out on the rare and special things that happen within the hallways. Come see for yourself the amazing things that are hidden in this beautiful gem of a school.

I hope that this testimonial gives you some insight and clears up some things for you. Each of us is unique and has something to bring to the table. You are not alone and this place is here to make sure that you never feel that you are alone. Believe me, after a few years, it becomes your family, your sanctuary, your confidante, and so much more!

Brightest Blessings,

First Degree Priestess, Second Degree Dedicant & Mentor
~Past Life Reader Ysabeau ~
Herbalism & Reiki Student
Esbat Program & Sig Tag Team Facilitator
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