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What are Wicca and Witchcraft really about?

Merry Meet my Outer Circle Friends!

I wanted to post some more things for you all out here, so I thought I would share some useful information yet again! I hope you find it helpful on your individual paths.

One thing, as a pagan, that I often get asked is what Wicca and Witchcraft are really all about in the first place. Often, I have to sit back and think about how I want to phrase what it is that I believe in and the answer is never very consistent. The tricky thing with Wicca and Witchcraft is that it is ever evolving and we are always students in this craft. There is always something new to learn and the path is unique to each individual, which is what makes it so different than most spiritual paths that we come across in the modern, mainstream world.

There is no religious dogma and we live by a single code: Harm None. This simple phrase relates not only to other people, but to ourselves and all the living creatures of the world. This is why you will often see so many pagans as participants in Civil Rights Movements, Animal Rights Movements and Environmental Causes. Earth, and all her magnificent creatures are a blessing and are held sacred in our eyes.

We seek only to worship in whatever way is best for us, as individuals, only holding this one very deep truth, to harm none, at the core of our practice and beliefs.

Yes, it's very far from the fantastical world that the media and Hollywood have so religiously pinned on us. (Pun very much intended) However, we seek always to be open and honest with those whom we come into contact, but the biggest challenge, in my opinion, is our desire to be open and honest with ourselves. I think, in today's society of social standards and judgement, this is probably something that each person struggles with, no matter what path they choose to follow.

All of this being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite reading materials with you. These are all books that I have found most valuable on my own personal journey in the way of spirituality. So here goes:

Scott Cunningham

The Truth About Witchcraft Today
This is probably my most favorite title, especially for those who are just coming into or discovering the path. It is very informative and helpful when you aren't quite sure what the path is all about.

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
This is definitely a good read for those who are learning about the path of Wicca. Even if you have entered a coven, I feel that this is a good book for you to read, as it will give you a basis to build on.

Frank MacEowen

The Mist-Filled Path
This is a very enlightening book of the journey of the author. If you are looking for something just a bit different, I think you will find this book informative and enlightening!

Edain McCoy

Every beginner should have a book that details the Sabbats a great deal, as this is a huge part of Pagan and Wiccan practice. This is a great book filled with the details of what the Sabbats are about, as well as some fun activities and outlined rituals.

Christopher Penczak

The Temple Series
This entire series is great for everything from building up your mental and psychic abilities as well as advancing to the more challenging aspects of the craft, like astral travel and high magick.

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft
The Outer Temple of Witchcraft
The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft
The Temple of High Witchcraft
The Living Temple of Witchcraft Volume 1
The Living Temple of Witchcraft Volume 2

Silver Ravenwolf

Solitary Witch
This is going to be another great resource for solitary practitioners who would like a bit more information on specific areas of the craft. You will find everything you need to get started in this one, huge book!

James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy
This is actually a fiction novel, however, I believe it to be a great work that you can actually learn quite a bit from. When you are reading through it, try some of the experiments that James Redfield's main character attempts along the way. You may be surprised to find that some of them hold quite true as long as you maintain an open mind.

This is a rather short list and doesn't even come close to containing my entire collection of magickal written works. However, I find that these are the few that I most often go back to for refreshers or just because I enjoy them.

Remember, each of us is on our own path and that path grows and changes with us. Not everyone is going to take the same forks in the road and not each of us is meant for the path of Wicca and Paganism. However, you cannot truly know unless you understand the path in the first place. That is why I put this list together.

If you are new to the path, whether you are looking to study it as your own path, you're simply curious, or you're working on a school paper, I strongly recommend the first book in the list, The Truth About Witchcraft Today by Scott Cunningham. This is a book that will tell you the myths of what we are, and in the same turn, tell you why the myths are false, or, in some cases, how they have simply been contorted. This is by far my strongest recommendation for the skeptics and those looking for the facts.

I hope that you find this list helpful and if you have any questions about these or other books, please feel free to ask!

In love and light,

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Re: Wicca

I've been asked that question a few times. Commonly right after I explain that I'm not wearing this pentagram because I like supernaturals. As someone who has grown up in the south were witchcraft is massively taboo I've had a lot of practice with this question. My first response is always "Witchcraft is just prayer, only we are way more dramatic about it."

Thank you so much for those links! The first magical book I ever got was Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf the day after my womaning ceremony. I love her work so much! I also got Incense, Oils, and Brews By Scott Cunningham for my 16th birthday. They are both still a huge part of my collection.
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