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Making a Travel Kit of Herbs~

Here are two fabulous herbal travel kits that I use. I find it convenient to use empty 35 mm film containters for transporting herbal items, especially the powdered ones, as these containers are airtight, waterproof, unbreakable and made of plastic that is stable enough that it does not deteriorate into the herbs. However any containier with these qualities will do and I have also used extra-tough zip-lock baggies. I ABSOLUTELY AVOID glass or aluminum containters or anything that would rust, deteriorate or break easily.

Regular size kit:

one small container Clove Oil, with dropper
one small container Peppermint Oil, with dropper
one or two ounces dry People Paste powder
one or more ounces Slippery Elm powder
one or more ounces Enhanced Garlic Formula
one or more ounces Ginger powder (for bath or ?)
small container of Cayenne
"breathable" surgeon's adhesive tape
a few sterile guaze pads of various sizes
small container of non-idozed sea salt
(for gargle and nasal rinxe)
small container of raw honey
small container of Aloe Vera Gel
(These last two are for mixing People Paste.)

For this regular size herbal travel kit I also stuff, here and there in my baggage, small packets of dry herbs or tea bags that I might want to use for tea.

"Bare-Necessities" travel kit:

small container Clove Oil, with dropper
small container Peppermint Oil, with dropper
People Past or Enhanced Garlic Formula
(enough for internal and external uses)
small container Cayenne
"breathable" surgeons' adhesive tape
sterile gauze pads

In the "bare necessities" category I find that I can almost always find Fresh Garlic, Onion, salt (for gargle and nasal rinse) and Ginger root in small shops or open-air markets even in obsure places. These on-the-spot additions are valualbe to your travel kit. If you are familiar with the many ways to use the herbs in the kit; you will be able to handle the most common travelers' health needs such as colds, flu, fever, indigestion, toothache, sore throat, nausea, insect bites, infection, minor injuries, diarrhea, food poisoning, insect repelling, even bedbugs and much more.

I use a shaving kit bag for my kit.

(At a later date, I will give the recipe for theEnhanced Garlic Formula, etc.) so you will know about what is in the kit.

Aloni StarWolf
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Will I learn in the herbal class what the recipes are for using these herbs for all the uses you listed? Or are they listed somewhere? Or should I know how to make up whatever I need at the time?
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This is not the herbal class. Your questions need to go to who is teaching that class.

The herbal class in on the extension class board or you need to talk with the person teaching the herbal class.

I am not the teacher of the herbal class of the college.

This is my knowledge of the herbs I had learned from a naturopath and an Herbology School.

Blessings and Enlightenment,
Aloni StarWolf
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