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Boost Your Brain Power Summary and Affirmations ~


1. Your brain is elastic and will continue to grow as long as it is challenged and stimulated.

2. Keep your mind limber with mental activities.

3. Keep your mind fit by keeping your body fit.

4. Aerobic exercise offers an instant mental life.

5. Eat iron-rich foods.

6. Properly align your body posture.

7. Avoid negative thinking.

8. Keep your mind like calm water.

9. Take the proper vitamins.

10. Eat brain foods.

11. Trace minerals are important.

12. When you eat is important.

13. Sound sleep is important.

14. Your body-heat patterns correspond to your mental alertness.

15. Avoid loud environments.

16. Light affects behavior.

17. Ion ratios affect your brain.

18. Allergies affect your brain function.

19. Improve your concentration to boost your brain power.

20. Creativity can be developed.

21. Learn to rethink laterally.

22. Stress is enemy #1.

23. Use self-hypnosis.


Every day in every way my brain power increases.

My visualization and imagination skills get better by the day.

I regularly challenge and stimulate myself.

I keep my mind busy with imagination and spatial challenges.

I establish and sustain an effective program of mental rejuvenation.

Exercise and physical activity increases my intelligence and performance.

I eat a balanced diet.

I practice proper posture and feel better as a result.

I keep my mind like calm water.

I think clearly and act quickly and decisively.

I sleep soundly and awaken rejuvenated and ready to begin a new day.

I have the power and ability to focus my concentration at will.

I remain alert and focused upon what I am doing.

I now learn to think laterally.

I avoid or immediately resolve stressful situations.

Aloni StarWolf
Sacred Mists Priestess
Third Degree Dedicant
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