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Some Helpful Information

Merry Meet Outer Circle!

I just thought that I would create a post that might give everyone some useful information to help with some of the confusion that I have seen out here over the years.

The Outer Circle is primarily for those who are not, at this time, students of The Sacred Mists. However, we like to provide some basic things to help the magickal and spiritual community as a whole, therefore we have the Outer Circle.

For some students who have enrolled and left for a period of time, things may have disappeared when you logged back in. This is a common occurrence, especially if you have not paid your monthly tuition. Take the time to email student services if your tuition is up to date and you still cannot access the Inner Circle. If you have not kept up to date on tuition, make sure that you re-enroll if you would like to have full access again.

The most common thing that I see confusion or misunderstanding on are the Magickal Journals. As hard as our Student Services and Enrollment teams work to get things moving as quickly as possible, often students try to create their journals before they have access to the Inner Circle. Journals are only available in our Inner Circle and the enrollment process can take a few days for our wonderful team here to get set up. If you are one of these students looking for your journal and you have just enrolled, please be patient. There will be plenty of time. Keep in mind that these same staff members are also grading papers and helping with other aspects of the school as well. The enrollment process, including granting your access to the Inner Circle, can take up to a week in some cases.

Another big thing that I see confusion on are the extension classes available within Sacred Mists. Again, these are only available for Inner Circle students, which means that you must enroll in the school to gain access to these classes. While I'm sure that everyone would like to take these wonderful extension classes, it requires a lot of work by the students amid the Inner Circle to keep these going by updating lessons, staying inspired, and grading homework. They do this on a volunteer basis to help their fellow students, so asking them to do this for the Outer Circle as well just isn't feasible. We hope that you understand.

One of the things that I really wanted to share are some of the acronyms that you will come across throughout the Inner and Outer Circles of Sacred Mists, as well as some of the basic terms for those who may not be very familiar with Wicca, Witchcraft, and other similar Earth Based Spiritual Paths. So let me share some with you that you may find useful.

These first few are common throughout the school in general and you may see people use them in the Outer Circle.

Sacred Mists

Merry Meet (Hello)

Merry Part (Goodbye)

Blessed Be

Private Message

Lord and Lady
Love and Light

God and Goddess

A term used to describe the forums

Here are some terms that you are more likely to see around the halls primarily throughout the Inner Circle if you become a student at any time...

Magickal Journal

Sacred Mists Psychic and Divinatory Alliance

Merry Mists Inn

Crafts and Activities Board

To chat privately within the community chat rooms

A term to identify SM staff/facilitators/leaders

Well, that's about all that I could think of. I hope that this little bit of information helps some of you out and clears up some of the confusion about extension classes and MJ's.

Best of luck to you all and have a wonderful week!

In love and light,

First Degree Priestess, Second Degree Dedicant & Mentor
~Past Life Reader Ysabeau ~
Herbalism & Reiki Student
Esbat Program & Sig Tag Team Facilitator
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Anuria you are an angel. Thank u so much for posting this helpful info. I have been a student of SM since Sept. 2014, and I never knew the meaning of the "outer circle".

Thank you again. Many Blessings

Celene 😉
Magick is all around...Just believe!

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Merry Meet Celene!

I'm so glad that you found the information here helpful! I know that a lot of students within the Mists don't fully know what the Outer Circle is and they very rarely, if ever, come out here to visit.

That's only one minor reason why I decided to post this information. I think our Outer Circle is imperative to helping everyone understand this path and making sure that we are working toward having the population as a whole understand what we are not as well.

There are so many layers to this path and to this school as well, that it can be tiresome to try figuring it out. Perhaps a person writing what they think and feel, sharing their personal insights and advice, is just what our Outer Circle members and visitors need to see. More activity is only going to increase awareness.

I hope that more people, students and visitors, find the information useful as well.

In love and light,

First Degree Priestess, Second Degree Dedicant & Mentor
~Past Life Reader Ysabeau ~
Herbalism & Reiki Student
Esbat Program & Sig Tag Team Facilitator
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