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Increase Energy and Affirmations to Reprogram Self-Talk~


1. Avoid lactic-acid buildup with fluid and exercise.
2. Avoid glycogen loss with blood-suagr balance.
3. Avoid oxygen loss by breathing deeply.
4. Avoid minor dehydratrion by drinking lots of water.
5. Resolve stress and tension.
6. The proper diet can increase energy.
7. Act vigorous to feel vigorous.
8. Supplements can increase energy.
9. Do what you love.
10. Skip the nap unless it is a power nap.
11. Eat many small meals.
12. Check for an iron deficiency
13. Develop a daily-exercise lifestyle.
14. Avoid energy-vampire people.
15. Make major dietary-lifestyle changes.
16. Start your day with sex.
17. Investigate food allergies.
18. The B-vitamins are of special value.
19. Fear-based emotions drain energy.
20. Lose weight.
21. Cut down or cut out TV.
22. Deal with compulsive thoughts.
23. Balance the four kinds of energy. (AFWE & Spirit)
24. Use self-hypnosis.


I awaken each morning enthusiastic about my day.

Every day I take time to stretch and exercise.

I always drink enough fluids to avoid becoming thirsty.

Nutritious healthy food now becomes my lifestyle.

When I want to vigorous, I act vigorous.

Joy is always my best option.

I remember to breathe deeply.

I seek to associate with positive, happy, successful people.

I handle compulsive thoughts with positive programming.

I view everything that happens as an opportunity.

I project high energy and enthusiasm into everything I do.

I am filled with energy.

I am excited and enthusiastic about my life.

Aloni StarWolf
Sacred Mists Priestess
Third Degree Dedicant
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